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Cyclone Surfer

Cyclone Surfer surfing ride

Cyclone Surfer surfing ride amusement ride

Surfing Amusement Ride

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Cyclone Surfer brings surfing to everyone

The Cyclone Surfer is the first real water surfing amusement ride that has the ability to be installed into typical retail locations.  The low impact site preparations and low amperage electrical requirements means that the Cyclone Surfer can be operated at your local outlet mall, family entertainment center, or municipal aquatics center.  It also makes a cost effective addition to waterparks and amusement parks.


Introduction to the World

The first trade show event was a success, with positive responses to the new surfing ride and the Cyclone Surfer's innovative wave making technology.  Many attendees at WWA 2018 were amazed at the unique yet simple approach to wave making.  While all who understood the mass appeal predicted a big future for the Cyclone Surfer surfing amusement ride.  WWA 2019 Show followed up with solid interest and new Cyclone Surfer locations coming early in 2020.


Follow our progress

Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see video posts on the full size prototype build and to follow the progress of our first retail location to be installed near Coeur D' Alene Idaho.


The Technology

Surfing similar to the open ocean experience

The Cyclone Surfer wave making technology uses the force generated by horizontal rotational motion to form the wave face where the surfer rides his surfboard.  This first generation Cyclone Surfer rotates a bowl shaped pool of water such that the centripetal force acting on the water lifts the water up the sides of the bowl to form a wave face that can be ridden with a surfboard.  The flat top edge of the bowl gathers the water increasing the depth of the wave face such that a normal surfboard with fins can be ridden without the fins striking the side wall of the bowl.  The combination of deep water on the wave face and slow 10 MPH rotational speeds creates a surfing experience similar to traditional open ocean surfing.  Many other standing wave rides use shallow water sheet flows with high 20 MPH water speeds requiring small finless surfboards that produce jolting rides far different than traditional ocean surfing. 


Inspired by Nature

Naturally simple design

Historic scientist such as Newton and  Bernoulli discovered that rotating a bucket of water around a horizontal plane produces a natural parabolic dish shape in the water as the water lifts up the side wall and dips below it's normal resting level.  This natural round parabolic shape forms even if the bucket or bowl is square instead of round.  The Cyclone Surfer uses this natural phenomenon to form a surfable wave face using relatively low energy levels to lift large quantities of water.  Some of the best inventions work with nature instead of against it.

Cyclone Surfer demo
Cyclone Surfer demo


Check out this great video

Want your own Cyclone Surfer

You can own your own Cyclone Surfer.  Plans include selling Cyclone Surfers to independent operators once the first two company owned locations refine the technology and  work out the best operational systems.


The Rocky mountain surf company LLc

Operator of the Cyclone Surfer in Coeur D' Alene Idaho

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